Latin in Church Coloring Book: An Introduction to Latin Vocabulary in Church


This 34 page Latin Coloring Book includes 26 different Church related terms and phrases. Each page includes a word, picture, and scripture verse that uses the word.

The Book also includes the Full Lord’s Prayer in Latin and additional coloring pages.


This Latin Vocabulary Primer will introduce your kids to Latin words and phrases found at Church from a Lutheran (Protestant) perspective. This coloring book is a great church activity to keep kids entertained during the church service, long car rides, or could be a great summer activity. Use alongside a full Latin language curriculum or as a fun introduction to the language. Great for homeschool!

Latin has many benefits including enhanced reading comprehension skills, increased vocabulary, and better spelling skills. Latin also serves as the foundation to two-thirds of the English language and other romance languages! Latin has also been found to enhance test scores and increase the likelihood of admittance to graduate programs. The coloring book features classic images and Bible verses to go along with each word and phrase from the English Standard Version.

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