Journey Through Church Chart


Need help to get busy hands and restless feet through church?

Trying to find creative ways to engage your toddler or young child in service?

Help your child journey through church with our church chart! 

This instant download printable can be printed each Sunday and colored, checked off, or stickered as you walk through the service with your child.

Liturgical services can be too long for little minds to follow, this chart gives them visuals to follow, simple names for different parts of service, and a way for them to participate.

In our family, Sermon time, is snack time. Pointing to when the snacks get to come out manages my kids expectations and ends the endless whining through the first half of the service! They begin paying attention to what is happening around them, and use the chart to mark down until it’s time for the snack cups to come out.

However you use this church chart, you are sure to see an increase in your child’s awareness of the service.





Features images and labels for a traditional Divine service.

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