Animals in Rome: A Latin Vocabulary Coloring Book and Primer


This Latin Coloring Book for kids is so simple! It features 24 pages with animal names. The book has two parts. The First part connects animals to Roman history and culture, the second part contains pictures of Animals and Latin words. The translations for each animal are on the back page.

This is a great way to introduce the Latin Language to little minds!


Be Introduced to the Roman world with this beginners Latin Language Coloring book and Primer. Animals were featured in Roman mythology and appear in ancient history. This book features quick facts about Roman animals and teaches the Latin name for each animal. The illustrations are elegant sketches of animals that can be colored. Perfect for classics enthusiasts young and old.- Great Activity for kids in the car, church, or waiting rooms! – Large Print – Classic Illustrations – Calling all future vets! Latin names for animals serve as foundation for learning the scientific name for many animals – Latin can help increase reading comprehension, spelling skills, and increase vocabulary!

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