Hello! Welcome to TITVS CLASSICS! We are so excited to see you here. Titus Classics was born out of a childhood dream to share a love for the classics with others. Particularly, with a hope to spark an interest in our own children. The team at Titus classics has 7 years of formal Latin education, and a Masters in History.

Language is so much more than words spoken. Language embodies culture, beliefs, perspective, and history. We strive to not just introduce kids to Latin vocabulary words, but to the history and heritage behind them.

Titvs Classics is proudly a LCMS Lutheran owned business. We are proud to develop Latin coloring books that incorporate Lutheran Theology and truths – At their core, these are widely held protestant beliefs. However, we are always open to collaborating with other backgrounds to create a Latin coloring book that fits your church traditions!

Our coloring books are great activities for summer curriculum, church, long car rides, as extra-curricular or integrated in with other Latin resources! We hope they will give kids the opportunity to interact with new ideas, images, words, and phrases that will lead to questions, curiosity, and interest in finding answers and learning more. And for those who already enjoy learning Latin and studying classics we hope you find enjoyment and entertainment through these little coloring books too.


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