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Classical Home School Lesson: Education is not a Race.

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Curro- I run

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This week’s word of the week isCurro. Curro issingular and Indicative. It means “I run” .

Back to School

Back to School is here! I don’t know about you, but ever since I was in elementary school, Back to School time has always been my favorite time of year. I can’t wait until my boys are old enough to go school supplies shopping. There is something about getting a notebook you are excited to fill with notes that is just rewarding.

Many of you are probably putting the final touches on your homeschool Curriculum or after school curriculum, or gathering supplies for your child’s school curriculum. So I figured, it was appropriate for this week’s Latin word of the week to be Curro – I run. Which is where we get the word Curriculum.

When I first started Titvs Classics, Curro was the first word (and last) that I did a Reel on. I have wanted to do one for each newsletter, but Reels are not my forte.

So why is the verb I run the root word of Curriculum? Well in Latin “Curriculum” was the word for “racetrack”, or “course of action” and “way of behaving”. Professionally you may have applied for a job that asked for CV or “Curriculum Vitae” this document is suppose to show how you “run the race of life”. In education, Curriculum is our course of action for the year, or the way we run the race of education.

I like thinking education this way. Rather than a curriculum be benchmarks or a standard to meet, I think of it as a road map, a journey. It isn’t about the destination it’s about the method of traveling.

So if you don’t like the road you are on, find a new path, or if necessary, carve out your own!

So from me to you- Happy Start of School! Happy Travels!

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