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Introduce your kids to the world of Ancient Rome through our Latin coloring books and pages. Whether you are looking for something to fill summer break, add an activity to your homeschool curriculum, find quiet church activities or something for a long car ride, Titvs Classics has you covered!

Words have History

Our language has evolved over thousands of years and it carries history, stories, beliefs, and characters with them.

The watering down of our education system continues. It is becoming more and more clear that we must take our children’s education into our hands.

One of the key benefits of Latin and Classics is the gain of critical thinking skills.

The Ancient Philosophers pondered many of the same cultural questions we wrestle with today. Their conclusions helped set the foundation for the most free country in the world.

Our Coloring books introduce kids to classical concepts and theological principles through the Latin Language.

Language is more than Words – Language holds history and culture.

Coloring Book page featuring Mercury, Hermes with Latin Language text and translation. A Classical Education Homeschool resource for kids. Teaching them ancient history and roman history.
Excerpt from Roman Mythology Coloring Book
Excerpt from Latin in church coloring books

We are unapologetically LCMS Lutheran. While not all of our coloring books are for a Lutheran Audience, we do have coloring books that address LCMS Lutheran ideals in the Latin Language.

What Our Customers are Saying

Britta Gandy, AK

“LOVE that this is written from a Lutheran perspective. Gorgeous coloring pages.”

Immanuel Lutheran School, VA

Titvs Classics materials, especially the Latin in Church Coloring Books, are a great support to our classical Lutheran curriculum – teaching the faith and introducing the study of Latin to even our youngest students.

ILS Headmaster, Julia Habrecht